A. Blanco

The Akahoshi Sci-fi Book Club

Light Novel series

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Book 1

Kouki Akahoshi is a frail and sick boy who one day witnessed a battle between angels and devils in the sky … But not everything is as it seems.He starts his first year of High School in Kawafutago, Japan. However, rumors from his past followed him, resulting in him being ostracized and bullied by his classmates.Then, by fate and device, he meets several girls who help him start a school club. The science fiction reading club. But his life is less than peaceful. He and the girls are launched into a world of adventure, intrigue, and danger.A world where extraterrestrials with unique powers have lived hidden from humanity for thousands of years.They are… DEVILS AND ANGELS.

Book 2

Having three beautiful girls living in their house is every boy’s dream. Or is it?Things get more complicated as more girls enter Kouki’s life, and unbeknown to him, enemies lurk dangerously close. They are the State Inquisitors!And the secret to unraveling their plot could be found in the…

Book 3

Four months have passed since the Mikael incident, and summer break is around the corner, with new adventures and perils awaiting Kouki and the girls.Aki, Athena, Chandra, and Mei were Mikael’s minions, but now they attend Kouki’s school. What are their intentions, and how will they affect Kouki’s life?
And unbeknown to all, in the shadows, stalks the... Destroyers of Worlds.
Kouki has had these strange dreams of visiting places and interacting with beautiful girls. But perhaps they might not be dreams since aliens from another world and people from beneath the sea have taken notice of him.

Book 4

After losing Kouki to the sea, will the girls have the strength to continue their lives? Will they succumb to despair and depression… or will they react differently?
Are they going to make whoever is responsible for it pay dearly?
Yes! Some of his girls will seek retribution against… The Menace from the Deep.

Book 5

Next Volume: Book 6

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